About Us!

This is the Story of The Freeze Dried Candy Store!

It all started with a slice of freeze dried pizza! Freeze Dried Candy
Once we got a taste of it we decided that we would like to freeze dry different foods for emergencies and just to try and see the difference that freeze drying makes on foods!
While we waited to get our freeze dryer shipped in, we watched some funny YouTube videos of others freeze drying candy and saw how different and cool the candy became once freeze dried!
FINALLY after 3 months of waiting we got our freeze dryer and went to work!
Freeze Dried Candy
We first tried putting the candy in cute canning bottles and selling it out of a store front in Jamesport Mo and a lot of candy lovers absolutely enjoyed it! From there, we found the bags we use now so that we could cut down on costs and pass the savings down to our customers! After saving up money we went to work on opening up an online store!
Freeze Dried Candy
The store was called "Amish Kountry Freeze Dried Foods". Since we lived in the tourist town, Jamesport Missouri, a lot of the population was Amish so we thought that it was the perfect name at the time! We started to bring in a few sales here and there and we were super excited to even see 1 sale come in!
Freeze Dried Candy
Finally, after much work and consideration, we became who we are today! The Freeze Dried Candy Store!
Soon after, we outgrew the commercial space we were in and moved 12 miles away to Gallatin Missouri!
freeze dried candy
Now, because of our amazing customers, we are proud to offer the LOWEST prices, LARGEST selection and be the most popular supplier for freeze dried candy!
Freeze Dried Candy

The one stop shop for freeze dried candy!