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Freeze Dried Candy!

A New Snacking Experience!

Why Freeze Dried Candy?

What Makes it Special?

During the freeze drying process, all the moisture is removed from the candy leaving behind a delicious crunchy treat😋! Freeze dried candy is the new THING that everyone is wanting now because of the NEW experience that freeze drying brings to your favorite candy!

Does the Flavor Change?

The flavor itself doesn't change. The intensity of the flavors gets much stronger and more potent leaving your taste buds wanting for more🤤!

Are There Less Calories?

Sadly there is not any less calories. We certainly wished there was less!😁 Because it is freeze dried, the candy puffs up sooo much!

Why Does It Cost More?

Depending on the candy that is being freeze dried, it takes about 8-12hrs each load😱! The equipment that we have to use to complete the freeze drying process is very expensive. Even with all that said, we strive to provide the highest quality and lowest priced freeze dried candy and treats!🤑

What Is The Shelf Life?

It all depends on your self control😉! But really, freeze dried candy can last up to a year minimum if kept in a cool, dry, dark place! Nearly all of our candy only sits on our shelf for less than 2-3 days before it is all shipped out and restocked up so that everything is fresh when it arrives! If you are wanting to extend the shelf life even more, all you have to do is replace the packaging with a 7 mil mylar bag and throw in an oxygen absorber or two😀!

Sour Patch Kids®?

We have tried them in the freeze dryer a couple different ways to see if we could get them to freeze dry. From heating them up until they are unrecognizable to throwing them on a tray and hoping for the best! Sadly nothing has worked so they are currently a fail for freeze drying😔

Reese's® Peanut Butter Cups?

This is almost everyone's favorite treat! When put through the freeze dryer, everything just melts all over the tray leaving a delicious puddle of Reese's®! Chocolate and peanut butter does not freeze dry at all. If chocolate is on something such as marshmallow or a nougat, it will stay on it while the rest blows up to be 2-3 times it's original size!

Why Choose US?

Freeze Dried Candy

Why should you choose us? There are a lot of other freeze dried candy businesses around the world but we are THE Freeze Dried Candy Store!

1. We are dedicated to making sure that every order is up to Frizzy standards when shipped and delivered!

2. We have the lowest prices, highest quality and largest selection around! We are always finding something different and delicous to freeze dry so that you can try it!

3. Our customer support is super fast and focused at making sure that everything is taken care of as soon as they can!

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