All Pink Crunchers (Selling Out!!!)

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All Pink Crunchers (Selling Out!!!)

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"Made with Starbursts®"

Why not give a favorite a new spin as a freeze dried snack? Everybody loves the intense flavor of a delicious Starburst®, but now you can have your favorite chewy fruit candy as a crunchy burst of fruity flavor that won't stick to your teeth! (Freeze Dried Crunchers are more like a hard candy....suck on them a minute or two before biting into them and you'll have a most wonderful experience!)

• Freeze-drying process completely changes the texture from the classic chewy taffy to a light, crunch burst of fruity flavor that feels like it lasts forever!
• Re-sealable Individual pouches are great for snacking, road trips, camp outs, or in your office desk drawer and can last for months without being eaten!
• Great conversation starters and fun for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and more!

Comes in original packaging to help preserve freshness and provide protection!

DISCLAIMER: Starbursts® is a registered trademark under license by The Wrigley Company. The Freeze Dried Candy Store is not associated with or sponsored by The Wrigley Company.

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